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Email orders can be sent to output@graphserv.com. Please limit emails to 10MB or less. If the file exceeds 10MB it is best to ftp the file or submit by disc.

Order online using yousendit.com
Please use recipient as output@graphserv.com

  For a direct FTP connection please contact us directly for login information.

As of October 7th, 2009, our ftp login information has changed. Please contact us directly to get new login information.

Our ftp site can be reached via ftp software such as Fetch, Transmit or Cyberduck for the Mac;
CuteFTP, WS_FTP or FileZilla for the PC.
To find other ftp software we recommend going to download.com or versiontracker.com.

Please note: To avoid possible corruption of transfers, please do not use punctuation or spaces in the names of the files. Ex: My Job 8/14/09. For best results compress files into a .zip, .sit, sea or a .sitx format with a single word prefix. Ex: Archive.sit; Brochure.zip; Myfiles.sitx.



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