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Prepress Services

High resolution imagesetting, file prep, imposition, file adjustments and manipulations.



The Agfa SelectSet Avantra 30 is our primary imagesetter. This machine is an internal drum imaging device, which helps insure precise registration. Maximum image area is 18" x 25" with availability of on-line punch registration.Only film can be imaged. Resolutions available are 2400 and 3600 dpi. Standard line screens available range from 65 to 425 lpi. Custom line screens and special angles as well as stochastic screening are also available. Output can be punch registered with built-in Stoesser punch.




An imposition is an arrangement of several pages onto one large sheet of film, which, once printed, the printer will be able to fold and cut to produce that many pages on the final job. Normally when single pages are printed, the printer will usually strip pages together onto one large sheet, which saves printing and binding time. The stripping process could take several hours and end up costing much more time and money than imposing the file digitally.

There are several considerations when printing to an imposition. We recommend your printer contact us so that we can co-ordinate your job directly with them.


Graphic Services uses in-RIP trapping capabilities. This will provide a vital link between your page design/layout application and final film output. A file may contain any combination of PostScript supported elements including text, line art, vignettes or scanned images. Trapping can be added to any page from 2-color to 4-color process, and 4-color process plus up to 4 spot colors (8 color traps). Trapping zones and elements can be interactively edited for custom applications and more demanding files.



Digital Color Proofing

Color calibrated digital output from our color printers is available to proof layout and color balance prior to running film. All colors in files and placed graphics must be CMYK process builds.

Nexus RIP Page Proof: 600 DPI calibrated proof. This proofing system runs through our Nexus RIP software which can produce visible trapping, overprinting and color accuracy.



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